Blog Entry No. 16 – Livin‘ in a snowy 2021 and talking about stem cell donation

Dear Readers,

the new year is already older than a week and so far nothing really changed – as expected. After a tough 2020 expectations are high for a better year following, but there are 51 more weeks that can bring great change, 356 days actually. Every day you could wake up and it’s the day that changes your life. So, let’s give it a chance. Every small improvement is worth it.

For me, work started again, even if I just sit at home all day. I really got used to doing only enjoyable things all day while holidays, but at least I’m still able to go out for a long walk every day. Since 2021 started, I feel like I haven’t seen the sun not once. Seriously, it’s extreeemly foggy and grey outside. You remember the forest picture I posted within the last blog entry? Well, I took some of the very same scenery again in the last days:

That’s how the forest was looking three days ago.
That was the same scenery yesterday, at least the clouds stay in the sky again.

At least we have a lot of snow. Right now, looking out the window, I see how calmly and quietly the big snowflakes are dripping out of the clouds. It’s beautiful. I’ll show some of the photos I took, while walking in this winter wonderland outside, as some gallery thingy wordpress offers for blog design (I wonder how well that will work) and on Instagram. Which leads to the news I wanted to tell you:

I started an Instagram and a Pinterest account accompanying this blog. I did this before, but I never really followed through, so I thought: New year, new luck, new strenght. I want to post short excerpts of my reviews and posts and show you some insights of how I write the posts, get my books and some of the other stuff that happens in life. I’ll see how it goes. You find me on Instagram: (just like the web adress of the blog, creative, I know ^^)
Pinterest: Alyrene’s Blog (I created a business account)

One last thing I want to talk about is the donation of stem cells. Yesterday I registered for donating stem cells, if they’re needed somewhere in the world. I think it is extremely important to register for these things (I also wear an organ donor card in my purse), because one doesn’t lose something (stem cells regenerate) and still it is a lifesaving possibility. If you want to donate (stem cells or money) for something important and sigificant, if you want to save lifes, please inform yourself, which oragnisation manages the donation of stem cells (and organs) in your country and help if it’s possible for you. If you’re living in Germany, please register at DKMS or donate some money, if it doesn’t hurt you. Of course it’s all voluntary, but I still want to appeal to you for donating.

Hope you’re well,

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