6th December 2020 – 18 days til Christmas

Dear Readers,

it’s me once again, Deimos and I’m back to support Alys christmas mission. Like before I have a film review for you, today however it’s about an animated film: „Rise of the Guardians“

Just like last time this one isn’t really a christmas film either since it’s set around easter but still seems to be exactly that, even more so than before. I mean, how could it not: Jack Frost is the protagonist and thus, there is snow like everywhere. Also, one of the deuteragonists is the actual Santa Claus with his reindeers and christmas elves and so on, there is no way one could deny that this screams ‚christmas time‘ like few other things.

The story is rather simple yet still intriguing. Jack Frost, a young looking boy with the ability to create ice and snow and to ride on the wind awakens with no memories. Several centuries later and Jack is enjoying himself by having fun and causing a little mischief with his powers. He likes it, when children have fun because of him, however he still doesn’t know what his purpose is and why he is invisible to the children. North (Santa Claus), Sandy (the sandman), Bunny (the easter bunny) and Tooth (the thooth fairy) are the guardians and they protect the wonder, dreams, hope and memories of the children of the world. As opposed to Jack they are actually visible. However an old enemy arises, the personification of fear and darkness Pitch Black, the literal boogeyman. He threatens the guardians and the children, so they need the help of Jack, they need him to be a guardian. Jack is not convinced that he can be a guardian but the children need him…

The visuals in this film are great, the animation is just really fun to watch and also quite kid friendly. The amount and use of tension is right and it is continuously nicely emphasized by the sometimes epic, sometimes melancholic but always fitting soundtrack. The animated locations look stunning and are awesomely designed. I think they used the already known, literally legendary characters like Santa very well and formed the story nicely around them. The character design is creative and combines more familiar elements (like Santas red coat) with less familiar ones (like the size and the boomerangs of Bunny). Furthermore are the characters quite well written and have depth that lets them seem more real, like actual persons. Most parts of the film are somewhat comedic and have several jokes, which often use visual elements.


All in all the film is pretty fast-paced, which is probably good for the often shorter attention span of children. There are some really epic scenes that are more reminiscent of superhero films and some goosebumps moments. The distinction between good and bad is clear, in action as well as in design, which is pretty much a standard for childrens films. Even though I like the film there are a few negative aspects that I want to share: At some points the lack of consequence and continuity is a bit weird and there are instances where theree seem to be double standards that are not explained and don’t make no sense even not in-universe. I don’t want to do into any details, because I have no intention of spoiling anything but if you watch the film again you’ll probably realize what Imean by that. (If you know what I mean leave a comment and tell us what you think!)

The film has, especially for children, great morals that are firmly embedded into the story and its characters. It’s about the power of fantasy, the overcoming of fear, the importance of fun, friendship and solidarity, hope and most of all about believe.

I wish you a happy advent and fun,


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