Blog Enry No. 5

Dear readers,

it was quite a while since I wrote or updated something on this blog and I feel very sorry about it, even more, because I had no real reason, I didn’t have much work to do or no content to write about. I just found no motivation to take a minute (or more some hours) and to care a bit more about this blog. I’m sorry. But I read indeed extremely nice books over the summer, so I try to formulate some reviews about them as soon as possible.

Today it’s the first day of October and though I know September is the first month in autumn, I usually don’t start feeling those cosy vibes when it’s still warm, sunny and green outside like it is in September. That’s why I love October; it’s still sunny sometimes, but finally, it’s getting colder, so you can wear hoodies, snuggle up in a blanket, drink a tea and read a good book. Well, to be honest, you can always read a good book, but I really like this comfy, warm feeling you get, sitting inside while it’s dark and stormy outside.

However, I’ll try to find time – between school work, real work and the small scientific paper I’m currently writing – to upload more book reviews, essays and recommendations.

Hope you’re having a good time,

PS: I discovered poetry slam as a very marvellous way of passing the time, so I’m gonna report more about it and maybe create some on my own.

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