Blog Entry No. 1 – About me and why I started

Dear readers,

this is my first post on my blog, it is very exciting and I wonder what the future might bring for this project.
For now, I will work under the pseudonym Alyrene, because I want to write independently from my real identity and my real life. This way I can still put all my thoughts and experiences into it, but can handle it separately and decide for myself how much of my real life and feelings will end up public.

For better understanding, you should know that my native language is German, so please excuse grammatical or spelling mistakes and tell me if you find any. Also, you may discover some posts I wrote completely in German. If you are not able to read them because of the language, but you would like to, please tell me and I will try to upload a translation as soon as possible.

We are going through strange times and even without the pandemic there is so much to talk about. The psychology of the human brain is so interesting and I really love to think about how the little things are effecting everything else like our childhood affects how we can love our partner when we are adults. I am not just interested in phenomena of the real-life, but also in those of books, it is so interesting to analyse how the characters develop, what the author could have meant with some symbols or how he or she spread signs how the story will develop in the end already in the beginning.
It is not just about books and stories, but about philosophical questions which are in such a way paradox and impossible to solve, that it is pure joy to discuss them, too. Further topics to think or talk about could be random situations of everyday life that raise questions no one thought about before or behavior patterns that might seem unusual but are actually known by many people. But this is just a very small part of what I think is worth reflecting on; to give you some keywords of what I like to think about: extraterrestrial life, the butterfly effect, political systems, the 18th and 19th century, literature and art, physics, biology and medicine, life in nature without civilisation, how to solve big issues in our world, like the climate crisis, famine or the poverty-wealth gap ….and so on. I love to think about things and I would like to share my thoughts with you and get inspired by your comments.
Well, I do not just like to discuss big issues, I like to write poems or prose texts about little situations of the daily life and the emotional problems that it brings with it sometimes as well. I think to write about emotions can cause a lot, positive as well as negative, but it is important to talk about it. I learned that some people are not good at handling or perceiving emotions, even their own and that I am a highly empathetic person who still cannot handle a crying person. We are all different and that makes it so wonderful, but we all still can learn to care better about ourselves and others. It is like in every life situation: you live and learn.

So, I hope that my blog can inspire you and maybe you learn something new.
A day that taught you something, even a very small thing, is worth it.

Lot’s of love to all of you,

Eine Antwort zu „Blog Entry No. 1 – About me and why I started”.

  1. „Also, you may discover some posts I wrote completely in German.“ nun gut, die letzten 20 Monate haben dann doch gezeigt, dass ich lieber in meiner Muttersprache schreibe und nur englischsprachige Reviews veröffentliche, wenn ich die dazugehörigen Bücher auf Englisch gelesen habe, ich glaube das wird sich auch so bald nicht ändern, I’m sorry for the followers who don’t speak German


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